CitNOW Personalised Automotive Video

We offer simple to use Apps for the Automotive Industry, which enable to you to simply send personal video presentations to Sales and Service customers. We distribute the videos via a streaming link, so customers don't need to download large files. Just click & watch.

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CitNOW Workshop

Build transparency and trust, increase conversion and improve customer satisfaction metrics.

In a high volume workshop environment, every minute counts. Which is why CitNOW is simple to use. Technicians are trained to make quick customer videos. These help to explain any work required.

Customers struggle to resist. Technicians are only reporting the facts; they’re not selling anything apart from good service. This also empowers Service Advisors who become more successful as a result.

Technicians start by recording a helpful explanation. When finished, press ‘send’. Move on to the next vehicle. Videos are approved by Service Advisors, and the customer receives a brand approved email plus a text message. These link to the technician’s video on a web page presentation. All the right information in the right place at the right time making it easy for your customer to say ‘yes’.

After watching a video your video viewer can rate their video and leave feedback. This provides you with valuable feedback on the impact of your video and how well your team is doing.

Customers love the transparency that a CitNOW video delivers.

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CitNOW Workshop in Use

Alex demonstrates how effective a personal video presentation can be.

He starts with a clear introduction of himself and the dealership. He also keeps the customer informed, explaining what is happening at all times.

He avoids the use of jargon. Where he does say ‘VHC’, he follows up with ‘complimentary vehicle health check’.

Brake discs and pads are common points of discussion. Alex has taken the time to take the wheel off so he can show the brake pad and the consequence of not having them replaced.

He uses the same technique with an illegal tyre. Using a tyre depth gauge he clearly demonstrates why the tyre must be replaced today. Finally, he finishes with a clear call to action.

CitNOW Workshop Case Study

Ian Phythian is the Aftersales Director at L&L Automotive; a 3 dealer Mercedes-Benz Group. They’ve used CitNOW for over a year and created over 3,000 videos.

Ian was keen to provide a transparent processand CitNOW was initially tested with one team, three technicians and one Service Team Manager.

After several weeks, other teams were asking to use it. Customer feedback was also really positive.

CitNOW has helped with the selling process because it builds trust. This has resulted in follow-up (amber) work increasing by 15%. Ian regularly sees videos being watched many times & customers are keen to share their experience with friends.

CitNOW Sales

Sell more vehicles for more profit with your own personalised video presentation service.

The process of selling cars, has been established for many years. But the Internet and search has changed customer behaviour.

This has affected the sales process for every modern retailer. Personal, timely video presentations help to re-create customer engagement.

CitNOW is easy for your sales team to use. Start by recording your personal video on the CitNOW app. When finished, press ‘send’. A brand approved email is sent with a link to a well designed web page where your customer can watch their video.

After watching a video your video viewer can rate their video and leave feedback. This provides you with valuable feedback on the impact of your video and how well your team is doing.

When the video is watched, your sales person receives a notification to call the customer. Managers can also access dashboard reporting to see the video ratings, performance of one sales person or a whole group.

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CitNOW Sales in use

Lee’s video is about 6 minutes long and a perfect presentation of a nearly new vehicle. All good presentations start with a personal introduction and the vehicle parked correctly. He takes his time, providing an in-depth condition report.

He refers to the customer’s needs, previously discovered on the telephone. When Lee opens the boot, we appreciate the size because of the luggage that he has used.

Inside the vehicle, the description is thorough, including an odometer reading. Finally, he finishes with a clear call to action.

CitNOW Sales Case Study

When Simon Volans, Brand Manager at Stourbridge Volkswagen in the UK started using CitNOW the impact was immediate.

At first CitNOW was used for new car deliveries. This soon spread to enquiries, prospecting and appointment confirmation.

Customer satisfaction scores have risen and the sales team’s performance has improved.

Customers have more confidence when visiting. They know who to look for and they have already seen the vehicle they are likely to buy.

Simon’s investment has more than paid for itself.

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John Elsworth’s Picture

John Elsworth

John has over 25 years experience in the Auto Industry after previously having leadership roles at Holden and Hyundai.

He started CitNOW Australia because consumers now want to view video to assist with their Sales and Service needs. The world is changing and car Dealers who embrace video will have a big point of difference.

John loves AFL and spending time with family at the beach.

Lisa Fogarty’s Picture

Lisa Fogarty

Obsessed with customer advocacy and staff retention, Lisa is known as the Mary Poppins of the Automotive Industry arriving with her bag of solutions.

She is known for her high level of energy and her passion for service excellence. As a top ranked sales professional with over 30 years success in retail, automotive, finance and insurance, Lisa loves to share her knowledge and experience for other to achieve their goals.

Chris Carroll

Chris started in new vehicle sales within automotive industry in 1993, and after spending 10 years with Ford he moved over to corporate sales with GMH Holden until 2017.

Having worked in Dealerships for over 2 decades, Chris knows whats required to make a Dealership stand out from the pack.

He loves his basketball, golf and AFL and is adamant that one day soon his Bombers will come through for him.

Kelly Newbon’s Picture

Kelly Newbon

Born and raised in Perth, Kelly joined the car trade in 2004, starting as a sales consultant and working her way to become a new car manager.

In 2014 Kelly launched a new business providing flooring to dealerships and residential garages. She enjoys keeping fit, boating and having fun with her friends.